Personalized Gene Targeted Therapy

What is Personalized Therapy in relation to cancer treatments? Exactly as the name implies, it is addressing cancer particular to a patient’s genetic make-up, rather than assuming the old paradigm that all cancers are the same. Under previous antiquated assumptions, patients with similar diagnosis would all generally receive the same treatment.  But what if cancer is particular to the individual? Then wouldn’t a person’s genetic make-up determine what course of treatment would be most effective?

Major institutions around the Country are just beginning to realize the importance of Personalized Gene Targeted Therapy (PGTT). MD Anderson has put millions of dollars into developing their own gene-targeted research both for the prevention and treatment of cancer. MD Anderson

Numerous articles have come out in the last few years as interest in the study of treatment options based on the individual’s genetic make-up increases! Genetic Testing

Why is there so much interest in PGTT? Early detection of cancer may or may not be improving survivability of cancer, but for the vast majority of life threatening cancers there is little or no improvement in full remission or cure rates. This website does not endorse any of the various “Skeptical” organizations, but an article written by Dr. Reynold Spector does a very competent job of depicting how and why the battle against cancer is not being won.  War on Cancer

An integral aspect to PGTT is genetic testing from a facility like Foundation Medicine. Knowing your genetics allows a knowledgeable doctor to access a toolbox of potential treatments options! Various options could include less-toxic (long term) gene-targeted treatments like Antineoplastons ( Other options may include both toxic and non-toxic chemotherapies, often as an Off-Label prescription.  American Cancer Society

It is extremely important to understand Off-label use of treatments. A treatment is “labeled” as a result of FDA approved testing and approval. A conventional Oncologist is very likely to confine their treatment options for a patient to those chemotherapies and other medications for which a treatment was originally approved. Health and Time

A doctor practicing PGTT will look beyond the initial “labeling” of a medication to determine what effect it is likely to have based on the individuals genomes. When a toxic chemotherapy is used in this process, dosages are much lower which in turn means far less side effects!

This can be a “hit and miss” process for the treating physician while they are dialing in the most efficacious treatment for the individual, but the results have been amazing. The testimonials provided on this website represent patients who received PGTT from the Burzynski Clinic. Their stories all start with terminal diagnosis. Most if not all were warned initially that the real probability of remission (or cure), was extremely unlikely at best.

We advocate for Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski and the Burzynski Clinic because we know him to be a dedicated, honest doctor who puts the welfare of his patients first. Dr. Burzynski is not the only doctor practicing PGTT, but he is probably the most experienced and successful in treating cancer.

The internet has “Skeptics” who seem to dedicate their lives to spreading misinformation about Dr. Burzynski. It is our intention to bring this form of treatment therapy to the attention of the public in an effort to save lives, and that is our sole intention. It is the individual’s responsibility to research among the various treatment options available and make informed decision for themselves. This website and the patients who shared their stories with you will assist you in any way that we can. We encourage you to investigate the Burzynski Clinic and learn more about what they have to offer. You can email those patients directly who provided their information in their testimonials, or contact The Burzynski Clinic through the link below.

The following is a quote from Dr. Julian Whitaker’s newsletter:

If You or a Loved One Has Cancer

     Obviously the multibillion-dollar cancer industry has too much at stake to go away peacefully. But what really astounds me is that the public continues to buy in to the nonsense, giving generously to the same well-heeled cancer organizations that have been failing for decades! And, if diagnosed with cancer, most people elect to go along with chemo, radiation, or whatever therapy the doctor orders, hoping that they will somehow beat the odds.

     Of course, cancer is scary, but it’s no scarier than conventional cancer treatments, which routinely do more harm than good. I understand that it isn’t easy to explore alternatives, especially when you think your life is on the line, and I would not encourage such a course if there weren’t clear evidence—make that proof.

Dr. Julian Whitaker, MD
Whitaker Wellness Institute