Carol Bricker

It’s hard to believe, but I had cancer the first time in 1992…..22 years ago. It was discovered with a mammogram and I was advised to have a lumpectomy with removal of all the lymph nodes on the right side, followed with 33 days of radiation. I followed everything including the use of Tamoxifen; a drug that caused me to gain about 50 pounds, caused asthma, sleeplessness, exhaustion, extreme coughing, and a feeling of death! Needless to say, I quit using it against the wishes of my doctor. I followed a regiment of eating well, avoiding plastics, taking antioxidants, and trying to do whatever I could to avoid cancer again. It worked for 17 years.

In 2009, I went for a mammogram and it was noted that the lymph nodes on the left side were showing signs of cancer. After three biopsies, there was cancer growing on the scar tissue in the right breast and also in the lymph nodes on the left side. The left breast had pre-cancerous tissue. I made a decision to have bilateral mastectomies and removal of all the lymph nodes on the left side. When I met with an oncologist after the surgery, he assured me of four drugs streamed into my body. One was Taxotere, a drug made from evergreens. I told him I was extremely allergic to evergreens and he said instead of 20%, he would give me 5%. I said,” No”……and my search for another way was enhanced after I read S. Somers book “Knockout”. My daughter’s doctor advised me to call the Burzynski Clinic and make an appointment; he had patients miraculously cured by Dr. Burzynski and agreed with my decision to try a different approach to cure cancer.

January 2010, I met with Dr. Burzynski and my team of doctors. My genes were tested and it was found that a tumor growing gene was overexpressed at 200. I took low dose chemo, and other meds for almost a year. My genes were retested and the tumor growing gene was within the normal range. It was recommended that I take Herceptin for the Her2gene and I did go to an oncologist for that. Again, all kinds of illnesses were creeping into my body. The last one, a virus that caused nausea and head spinning for three weeks caused me to curtail the Herceptin.

At this same time, my husband was feeling ill and it was found that he had Neuroendocrine cancer. He refused to go to Dr. Burynski and chose the traditional oncologist at a local hospital. He had chemo and cat scans for six months and died in August 2010. Thank God I was feeling well with my Burzynski treatment because I took care of him through his weight loss, sickness, and mental abilities which went downhill.

In November, 2011 I found a tiny little node under my left arm. It was biopsied immediately and removed…smaller than one centimeter. It may have been a left over cell from the lymph nodes before, but it needed to be treated as a third cancer. When I contacted the B Clinic they arranged to have the removed node sent to Caris Life Sciences and they did a complete analysis of the cancer. It was decided that I needed to take medicine for one more year. I completed my third therapy for cancer in December, 2012. I am alive and doing very well. I thank God for Dr. Burzynski and Dr. Kubove. If you are reading this to learn about gene-targeted therapy for cancer, I strongly agree that this is the way to go. My treatment was gentle with no immune system conflicts, no hair loss, no weight loss, or sickness as expected with orthodox treatments. God bless you and keep you well!