Heidi Smith (Colon Cancer)

My name is . If you would like to email me about my story, I am at cnrzdad@gmail.com.

In August of 2009, I was diagnosed with colon cancer!  I never thought I would ever hear the words “you have cancer”. I felt my life was over and there wasn’t much I would be able to do about it.

I have three beautiful children, Ken 28, Becky 26, and Connor my youngest is 11. Some of my first thoughts were that I would never see my children get married.  I would not see my grandchildren and I would never get to see Connor graduate.  I remember the day I had to tell them.

My doctor  explained  I would  have no choice, but to go through  chemotherapy   and would  need to have a surgical procedure  to have a port  placed into my chest as soon as possible. It is a bit of a haze, but day after day, test after test, after second opinions and bad news; my cancer had spread to my liver. The one thing my mind couldn’t accept was that I had stage four cancer, which by all accounts meant certain death.

I sat in the treatment   room waiting for  my chemo to start, my family  was with  me; my sister Dawn, my brother Gary, and my husband.  I know that many other family and friends were with me in spirit.  I was horrified to put this poison into my heart.  As I watched others going through the same horror for different cancers, I knew there had to be another way, that this could not be it.

It is the most horrible feeling to have cancer! None of us felt comfortable with the decision to take chemo. My dad and mom, who have always been my rock in my life, were searching for other choices. My dad being a bit of a health nut had remembered reading of a man named Dr. Burzynski in cancer research and treatment.

By December I had finished four rounds of chemotherapy. I am a strong girl and I have always been healthy, but now I was just giving up and defeated. The chemo made me constantly weak and sick. We all got together for Christmas and I can remember watching my family and thinking; this is my last holiday we will spend together. By next Christmas I will be gone.

My mom and dad had already contacted the Burzynski Clinic in Houston. My dad had sent off a couple of e-mails to them and they felt that they could help me. My dad made arrangements for our flight. We were all in tears and had hope for the first time in months.

Before we could all go to Houston … my mom’s tests came back from her colonoscopy. Her doctor thought that she would need a colon resection right away.  My dad took me to Texas worried and scared for my mom.

The Burzynski Clinic was professional and clean, just what we had hoped! The staff was kind and attentive with a team of doctors who met my dad and me for a four hour consult. I was at peace for the first time in so long. Prior to going down to Houston we were concerned, but so many of our questions were answered that we began to trust the staff.

The next day I began a treatment which Dr. Burzynski referred to as “PB”. I started off slowly and was constantly monitored by doctors. I tolerated this well and was allowed to continue on treatment.

My dad and I went to the waiting area to await our shuttle ride. I remember sitting on the bench just sobbing as it had been a long day for everyone. I will never forget the kindness we were about to experience! I remember a woman leaving the clinic walked past us and saw my dad and me there. She turned around and came back and introduced herself to us…..she was Mrs. Burzynski. She asked us our names and she went right away to get us some water. After that she asked if there was anything we needed and called the shuttle to come for us right away. I can only imagine how long her day must have been, but she made the time to comfort us. I want her to always know what this meant to us and thank her with all my heart.

As the days passed at the Burzynski Clinic we saw some amazing things and met some amazing people. In one way or another they all became a part of my colon cancer journey.

From the moment I entered the Burzynski Clinic to this day,I have had only good news! I know that I would not be writing this now if not for Dr. Burzynski and his clinic. They are amazing people who try so hard to help others in anyway they can.

I know that some people have not made it easy for Dr. Burzynski and it saddens me that such an honest, hard working doctor is not treated with the respect that he deserves.

I know that Dr. Burzynski may not be able to cure everyone, but I believe that he will do all he can for his patients. Isn’t that what this is all about?

My dad (who I know loves me with all his heart), looked Burzynski in the eye and asked him, “Why do you do this for people?” Dr. Burzynski thought for a moment and said, “I do this for all of mankind”. We will never forget those words……..I trusted my dad and family with my life, and we all now trust Dr. Burzynski.

I may not live forever, but Dr. Burzynski, along with my family, have given me a gift and I intend to use it. It is my hope that if just one person out there reads my story and then tells another, word will spread and we can finally start winning this cancer battle that Dr. Burzynski fights so hard for!

I love the Burzynski Clinic and all they stand for…

As my dad and I where  sitting  in the waiting  area before we were leaving the Burzynski Clinic a woman  came in crying and stood with  that  hopeless look that  I was so familiar  with.  She for some reason walked over to me and asked if she could talk with me. She wondered if we were patients and I said yes. We talked for a moment and I shared my story of our time in the clinic and assured her that it would be ok, just as Mrs. Burzynski had assured us.

On the flight home I had some time to reflect and a lot of goodness to hold dear. In this moment I turned to my dad and said, “Do you remember that woman in the clinic?” That was me two weeks ago and look at me now … a totally different person. My dad and I talk about this often and I know Dr. Burzynski did help her, as so many that he has helped.

I know if not for the strength of loving parents, a great family, god and the Burzynski Clinic, I would not be here today.


I am forever grateful for myexperience at the Burzynski Clinic and for my family.

I love you more than any words could ever express…