Jill Haynes (Metastatic Breast Cancer)

jill haynes“Hi my name is Jill Haynes and I am turning 53 next month. I am a patient of Dr. Burzynski and have been followed by his son Dr. Greg Burzynski. Going to The Burzynski Clinic back in July of 2010 was the very best decision I have ever made. I have been told by my oncologist that I probably would not be here. It’s hard to think of how much I would have missed out on if I hadn’t gone to the Burzynski Clinic. Their approach is different than what I would have gotten at my local hospital.

My diagnosis was Metastatic Breast Cancer that had gone to my spine and femur. I had already had a mastectomy and been on Tamoxifen. The first day Dr. S. Burzynski saw me; he took one look at me and said “You will be fine”. As if what I had was going to be easy to turn around. He gives you hope! The man is genius! After having his special blood work, he found something traditional blood work had not detected. I was elevated in VEGF. He put together a plan especially for me, not a cookie cutter program.

I took FDA approved medicines, but not in the traditional doses, much lower doses, but several different types of medicine to attack the cancer tumors from every angle. Here is what I took, a combination of PB (from the antineoplaston group), targeted therapy and low dose chemo. In the beginning I took a medicine called Nexavar but I couldn’t tolerate it, so he changed it. He often lowered the doses because I couldn’t tolerate it. The clinic called me weekly to check on me.

The doctor that followed me, Dr. Greg Burzynski, called and emailed all the time giving me encouragement and support. I felt like I was his only patient. I had terrible anxiety and couldn’t sleep. He suggested taking 10mg of melatonin and it worked! I have a wonderful life and I am forever grateful to the Burzynski Clinic and the work they do. If you are reading this because you have cancer, go to the Burzynski Clinic, you will be so glad you did!!!!!

As I still have routine PET scans and blood work from my local oncologist, he is SO impressed with my health. He thinks a miracle has happened and can’t explain why. The miracle is Dr. Burzynski and me listening to those still small voices that lead me there.”