Margaret Manning

Margaret PhotoMy name is Margaret Manning, age 57, and reside in Mesa, Arizona.  I enjoy being a wife and mother of 6 children.  My husband and I have 20 wonderful grandchildren as well.

In March of 2009, I was diagnosed with Mantle cell non- Hodgkin’s lymphoma cancer. What a shock!  I was always the healthy one who was able to serve others!  Suddenly my life took an interesting twist.  My oncologist told me that I might live three years if I did the strongest chemotherapy in the hospital as well as bone marrow transplant twice!  I was in the beginning of the 4th stage of a terminal cancer.

After much study and prayer, my husband and I decided that we were not going to go the traditional way which included chemotherapy and bone marrow transplant, as it didn’t work for this particular form of cancer. We were guided to the Burzynski Clinic in Houston, Texas.  So, I began the targeted gene therapy and began taking Sodium Phenulbruterate as well as other forms of medication.  Each CT/Pet scan showed that the tumors were either shrinking or disappearing altogether.  I was in remission by August 2010. My Oncologist here in Arizona has been amazed at my recovery and tells me it was a miracle. He was happy to work with Dr. Burzynski and ordered the blood work and other medical needs that were necessary.

My experience at the Burzynski Clinic was nothing but positive.  They are professional, and even better, the targeted gene therapy works.  My friends and neighbors were very supportive of my treatment and are happy to know that if they come down with cancer that they have an alternative to the medical care that is currently offered.  I hope that anyone that would like to speak to me would feel free to call at 480-834-9515 or 480-643-0358.  You can also email me at