Mary Brittain

mary brittonOn February 26, 2006, I was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. I felt as if I was pushed off a tall building and began rapidly falling to the ground. It was “fly or die” time. It was then that I realized the true power of my inner survivor skills. I knew that there was no amount of money, nor any one person, that could help me now: this was between my Creator and myself.

And so began my journey. I began to fly. On this journey, I have expanded my faith and learned the meaning of hope, trust and patience. I have learned that life and living are not necessarily the same thing. When faced with an actual expiration date, having been told that I could die within a few years, I decided to focus on living. I learned to appreciate every breath as a privilege and a gift!

I had a biopsy done at Duke University because the tumor is virtually inoperable, and was offered a clinical trial with chemo. Instead, I chose a non-traditional treatment with Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski in Houston, Texas. I trust my sense of intuition and relied on it in this very important decision making process. I did not have a good feeling about the other alternative at Duke. I am so glad that I chose my treatment with Dr. Burzynski.

I had done lots of research on brain tumors and cancer.  I decided to focus on the positive outcomes people had.  I called as many cancer survivors as I could find and asked questions regarding their healing.  I put together a list of what I considered positive’s regarding their recovery, healing, survival…whether it be lifestyle changes, mantras, spiritual influence’s, treatment, etc.  I spoke with many patients who had received treatment from Dr. Burzynski as well.  I made my decision based on my research AND my intuition.  I was going to Houston!

I immediately felt a connection with Dr. Burzynski and respected his lifelong dedicated journey in cancer research.  I decided to accept his treatment as my cure and my success…I was going to live.  I said a prayer into my meds every time and visualized my healing.  I believed in what I had chosen… the path I took.  This is a very important part of healing.

I have responded beautifully to the treatment and am very happy and healthy today…8 years later.  I have made many lifestyle changes, and have done my due diligence in participating in my healing.  I choose to live a day at a time and the same goes for my health and healing.  It is ongoing and I am one grateful person.  I credit Dr. Burzynski and his brilliant research, and perseverance in his practice to truly help those live and live longer.-

I encourage everyone to speak with as many people who have had a positive experience with their healing journey.  I can be reached at