Steve Cobaugh

I am a 57 year old airline pilot and had been diagnosed with brain cancer in September of 2011. I had decided 25 years ago that if I ever was diagnosed with cancer I would not take chemotherapy or radiation, so after that first surgery I tried strengthening my body through various alternative therapies and diet. Although this has helped many people, it is not very effective with brain tumors. Additionally, 90% of people that are diagnosed with GBM die within a year, so time was against me. I had two craniotomies where they resected the tumor. It began growing very fast after the second surgery. The surgeon said he would not do another resection with it growing at that rate, and conventional oncology offered no hope, although that is all they had to recommend. That second surgery was performed in September of 2012.

I had read about Dr. Burzynski, seen the documentary, and decided to go to Houston in February of 2013. Six weeks after being on Dr. Burzynski’s protocol the tumor, which had grown back to the size of a lemon again, had disappeared. I have had MRI’s every two months since and there has been no recurrence.I was initially very disappointed that I would not be able to be treated with the IV anti-neoplastons due to FDA restrictions. My treatment was formulated around the genetic make-up of the tumor and was “gene-targeted”. I have had a “complete response” and am tumor free at this time. I feel great and carry on a normal lifestyle with no restrictive conditions, except that I won’t be flying again.