Tracey Edry

2373573_orig[1]After a recent visit to the Burzynski Clinic for my 9 year cancer free anniversary, I decided to start this site, and share my story. My name is Tracey, and I was diagnosed with advanced stage (IIIc) ductal carcinoma breast cancer.   The tumor was very aggressive, and had spread into 18 lymph-nodes (as determined by the University of Michigan).  Because of the poor prognosis of this aggressive cancer, I decided to get a couple of opinions from hospitals in Michigan.  In the meantime, my parents received a newsletter from Dr. Julian Whitaker that featured a breast cancer survivor (diagnosis VERY similar to mine) that was treated at the Burzynski Clinic.  My parents encouraged me to make an appointment at the clinic.   I was skeptical at first, but after all I am an engineer, and like to think “outside of the box”, so I figured the least I can do is hear what the clinic had to say.  I gathered my films, pathology reports, and the endless notes that I had taken, and was headed to Houston Texas for my consultation.  I met personally with Dr. Burzynski and he carefully explained his personalized treatment and approach to cancer.  Something told me that “this just makes sense”.  I ended up staying at the clinic for 12 days, as Dr. Burzynski’s staff carefully adjusted the treatment to my specific needs. My specific treatment included a course of 6 low dose chemo treatments, six daily doses of PB (sodium phenylbuterate), amino care (amino acids supplement), and a diet that offset the high amount of sodium in the PB syrup.  I had a combination Pet/CT scan to develop a base line, and had blood work done weekly that included 2 tumor markers.  Lets talk about cost…… There is no set cost for the treatment at the Burzynski Clinic.  Every patients treatment is personalized, and everyone’s treatment is different.  For example, my mom was treated at the clinic 2 years after I was, and her treatment plan was completely different (she had a stage 1B cancer), and the cost was different. The PB and amino care portion of my treatment was not covered by insurance.  The Pet/CT scan, chemo, and blood work were all covered by insurance.  These parts of the treatment can be done at the clinic, or at a facility of your choice at home.  The doctor that looked over my case, wrote a prescription for the blood work and tests I needed, so I had my blood work done at Basha Diagnostics close to my hometown, and my Pet Scans at the University of Michigan. Progress… I was fortunate enough that I could feel my tumor, therefore I could feel the progress.  Week after week, I could feel the tumor getting smaller.  I actually started looking forward to getting my blood work reports back as I watched my tumor markers get lower and lower.  After my chemo was complete (6 courses, one every 3 weeks) and being on the PB/amino course for 4 months, I elected to have a mastectomy (right side).  I continued the treatment for about 3 years, doctors ramped down the amount of PB I was taking, until I completely finished with the treatment (I call it Graduation Day). The skeptics….. I understand being skeptical.  It is my opinion that EVERYTHING regarding your health and healthcare options should be questioned.  Doctors are human, and people need to ask the important questions.  What I do not understand is hate and harassment.  I like to tell my story, but I have been the subject to ridicule and attacks.  I have had “nay-sayers” posing a potential patients (and parents of patients) contact me, and then mince my words in horrible write ups about Dr. Burzynski.  Who does that?  Is it fun? NO. Is it going to keep me from talking about my wonderful experience at the clinic? NO. I personally feel that the way to fight evil is with love any truth.  I do not “hate” the haters, I pray for them.  Most hate and anger is based on fear.  Fear of the unknown.  Fear of “thinking outside the box”. As I develop this site, I intend to post some of my pictures of my clinic visits, share survivor stories, send out a monthly newsletter.  I am also hoping to dig up some of my old paperwork from the clinic (I hope I still have everything because seeing is believing). Why am I doing this? Because I believe that we should have say in our treatment options.  Many thanks… I am very blessed that I had a network of family and friends that trusted the decisions I made with my cancer treatment.  I am forever grateful to my parents and sister with their undying support.  I am especially grateful to my wonderful husband, for his caring support, for taking care of my precious sons (4 & 8 when I was diagnosed), and for trusting my decisions.

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